Don’t be Caught Off Guard

Becoming a professional in any area carries the benefits of knowledge and a share of responsibility for knowing things that other people don’t know.  Salesmanship enters in because one has to “sell” other people on the importance of things they don’t understand.  This is a difficult dilemma for me sometimes because I create Internet presentations for my clients – web sites, graphic designs, blogs, shopping carts, etc. I want to be a good source of assistance in this area but not come across like I’m just “blowing my horn” pushing what I do to sell jobs. 

I hate to see people finding out that someone is looking them up on Google, only to find that they are not represented well on the Internet.  When that happens, it takes a bit of time to change what the search engines report – there’s no way around that.

It is more true now than it ever has been that when people shop for a product, or when they are looking into using an artist, actor, or professional in any area, they nearly ALWAYS look the person or business up on the Internet as part of deciding whether to engage with that person or do business. 

Because I sell my services to people, the dilemma is that my attempts to get this across can be received as a “sales pitch” rather than important information.  But the truth is that what I create really helps people to build a stable, professional and aesthetic presence on the Internet.  Yeah, it costs a bit of money.  It takes some time and effort.  But the end result is your presence on the Internet and after a certain amount of time goes by, the search engines will “index” your web site and your message – your information will show up when people search for you.  And they will find what YOU want them to find.

The message here is DON’T wait until you find out that you are “caught with your pants down” because you chose the “low price leader” to get a cheap web site or anything less than the quality you need to “put your best foot forward.”  Or even worse, don’t put off getting something up on the Internet because it doesn’t seem all that important.  The world has changed and the Internet is the communication medium of the NOW and the FUTURE. 

When someone “Googles” your name or the name of your company or service, make sure that they are going to find what YOU want them to find.

It is NOT enough to have a Facebook Page, MySpace, or other social networking sites – these are VERY important as well because they help you create more ways people will find you.  BUT you need to have a link to your MAIN WEBSITE.  That web site is your “hub” and you have complete control over how it looks and the content. 

DON’T be caught off-guard.  Build your Internet presence.  I’ve been doing this kind of work for about 10 years now and I can help you. 

Rex Perry
Multimedia Artist/Producer, Web Designer, Flash Designer, Graphic Designer
Founder & CEO Perry Multimedia Inc

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